A hemifused complex is the hub in a network of pathways to membrane fusion

Jason M. Warner, Dong An, Benjamin S. Stratton, Ben O'Shaughnessy


Three membrane fusion pore families determine the pathway to pore dilation

Rui Su, Shuyuan Wang, Zachary M. McDargh, Ben O'Shaughnessy


Host cell membrane capture by the SARS CoV-2 spike protein fusion intermediate

Rui Su, Jin Zeng, Ben O'Shaughnessy

Dynamical transitions of the actomyosin cortex can trigger single cell morphogenesis

Hongkang Zhu, Roberto Alonso-Matilla, Zachary McDargh, and Ben O’Shaughnessy

Contractile ring constriction and septation in fission yeast are integrated mutually stabilizing processes

Sathish Thiyagarajan, Zachary McDargh, Shuyuan Wang, and Ben O’Shaughnessy

Why are SNAREpins rod-shaped?

Jin Zeng, Zachary McDargh, Dong An, Ben O’Shaughnessy

SNAREs and Synaptotagmin cooperatively determine the Ca2+ sensitivity of neurotransmitter release in fixed stoichiometry modules

Zachary A. McDargh, Ben O’Shaughnessy

Coupling of Ca2+-triggered unclamping and membrane fusion during neurotransmitter release

Zachary A. McDargh, Anirban Polley, Jin Zeng, Ben O’Shaughnessy

Myosins generate contractile force and maintain organization in the cytokinetic contractile ring

Zachary McDargh, Shuyuan Wang, Harvey F. Chin, Sathish Thiyagarajan, Erdem Karatekin, Thomas D. Pollard, Ben O’Shaughnessy





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